Cyber essentials certification
June 2018

Cyber Essentials Logo

Axsym has been awarded a Cyber Essentials Certification to demonstrate that our ICT systems meet the requirements of a UK Government supplier. Our ICT defences and management processes have undergone an independent assessment to certify that our ICT systems and data are adequately guarded against online threats and demonstrate our commitment to cyber security. Further information about Cyber Essentials is available from the National Security Cyber Centre.

AIMES multi-energy systems 2nd workshop
June 2018

Dr. S Moffatt attending AIMES 2

Axsym attended the 2nd Artificial Intelligent Multi-Vector Energy Systems (AIMES) workshop, hosted by Chester University, on new technologies for Hybrid Energy Approach of Fossil Fuel and Near Zero Carbon Emission Electricity. For further information on how Teclab can be used for multi-domain simulation of energy systems, please contact Stuart Moffatt.

Software quality management system
April 2018

Software Quality Management System

Axsym has implemented our software quality management system (SQM) for a leading aerospace manufacturer, to manage the development of software used in the design of aircraft components. Axsym has provided the technical governance process and the supporting ICT systems to ensure that software tools are quality-managed throughout the development lifecycle. Our SQM framework includes detailed documentation for the software development requirements, the development strategy, the planned architecture, the coding standards, version control, the verification processes and developer and user documentation. In addition, the quality management framework ensures that robust auditable records show evidence of software functionality checking throughout all stages of development and throughout future versions.

Integrated analysis of local energy system
January 2018

Thornton Science Park

Working in partnership with Arup and Advanced Control Partnerships Limited, Axsym has created an integrated design tool for the multi-disciplinary analysis of local energy systems with low-carbon technologies, district heating and private electrical networks. Combining advanced energy simulation with financial forecasting and user dashboard, this system promises fast, repeatable simulations with the flexibility for users to reconfigure the integrated system to meet future requirements. Read the latest on our Optigen project.

Stall flutter software
December 2017

Stall Flutter Software

Axsym has developed stall flutter analysis software for a large aerospace company. We have integrated our AE360 rotary aeroelastic analysis software with a client's legacy analysis tools to give a new stall flutter analysis capability, enabling the design of advanced aeroelastic structures using extensively validated in-house methods.

AIMES multi-energy systems 1st workshop
January 2018

Dr S Moffatt presenting at AIMES

Axsym welcomed the opportunity to present at the Artificial Intelligent Multi-Vector Energy Systems (AIMES) workshop, University of Chester. Here we demonstrated how Teclab can be used to deliver a multi-disciplinary analysis tool for local energy systems incorporating CHP and district heat networks to assess the implications of energy system and architectural design choices on energy savings and financial performance.

Infrastructure network simulation
January 2017

Urban Transport Image

Axsym has been working with Transport for Greater Manchester in a project co-funded by Innovate UK to develop automated analysis tools to efficiently carry out road traffic simulations at both local and strategic levels. Axsym's Teclab integration tool was employed to transfer network loading data between different analytical models, automate the running of data processing utilities and manage data files, offering savings in analysis turnaround times and scope for large model sizes. Read the latest on our Teclab project.

Approved supplier to large aerospace company
May 2016

Approved supplier icon

Axsym has been approved as a software supplier for a large multi-national aerospace company. Axsym's information security management system has been successfully audited by the client to ensure that our ICT processes and systems meet the high standards required to protect sensitive client information. This event represents the first of our large aerospace clients to approve the use of Axsym ICT processes and systems for handling their sensitive data.

Optimising community energy generation
January 2015

Local energy system

Axsym has been awarded an Innovate UK grant to adapt Axsym's analysis integration environment Teclab to address the challenge of dealing with data for the management of energy supply and demand. Read more about the OptiGen project, the latest project to exploit the unique analytical integration capabilities of our software Teclab.

Development of software for smart city planning
May 2015

Smart cities

Axsym has won an Innovate UK grant to develop software to provide robust market-leading analytical insight for city planning authorities. Smart city solutions apply digital technologies to address social, environmental and economic goals in an increasingly urbanised world. The ability to simulate cities with complex overlaid subsystems enables planners and authorities to explore wide implications of changes to infrastructure and policies. Our Teclab software will dynamically combine the interactions between diverse urban models and digital technologies in a simple and adaptable manner. The project will culminate in prototype software being evaluated by industry leading experts. Read about the Teclab project.

Designing helicopter main rotors for the future
January 2014

Active rotor study Image

Axsym is part of a group led by AgustaWestland to study active helicopter rotor technologies for production in 2020 and 2030. This three month active rotor study investigates rotor performance, dynamics, aeroelastics and stability, device integration and control algorithms. Observers from UK Ltd companies are welcome to attend the study's monthly review meeting held at the UK Aerodynamics Centre office in Cranfield. Read about the active rotor study project.

Axsym to present at Collaboration Nation event
December 2013

Innovate UK event icon

Axsym will present and exhibit at the Collaboration Nation technology inspired event on 10th December 2013. The Collaboration Nation event is to showcase innovative technology projects and companies and bring them together with 'open innovators' and the funding community to collaborate and bring new ideas to market.

Development of graphical programming concept
August 2013

Axsym wins UK Technology Strategy Board grant to explore the feasibility of using drag-and-drop icons to greatly reduce software development time and make bespoke software development more widely accessible. Read about the outcome of the graphical programming concept project.

Fourth Bristol Tidal Energy Forum
March 2013

Axsym is presenting at the Regen SW Fourth Bristol Tidal Energy forum on 8th March 2013 at the National Composites Centre, Bristol. The theme for this event will be the issues and challenges facing the industry in progressing towards commercial large scale projects. Axsym will be discussing how aerospace technologies can be used to manage operational loads in tidal turbines.

WEAF Annual Conference
February 2013

Axsym is attending the WEAF Annual Conference in Weston Super Mare on 27th February 2013. The West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) is a trade association that champions the interests of the aerospace and defence industry in the South West of England.

Dynamics Consultant joins Axsym
November 2011

We are pleased to announce that Dr Stuart Moffatt has joined Axsym as a Dynamics Consultant and brings with him a wealth of dynamics, aeroelastics and project management experience from the aerospace and energy sectors.

Aeroelastic simulation software for wind turbines
November 2011

Axsym's rotary software development programme is off to a flying start! This new grant will accelerate our development of design and certification software for niche wind turbine configurations, such as vertical axis and small/micro horizontal axis wind turbines.

Machine-learning algorithms for engineering design
October 2011

Axsym secures UK Government grant for meta-design software marketing. The Government grant supports Axsym in evaluating the potential market for a fast and cost effective design tool for general industrial and commercial use in reducing the cost of product design and engineering processes. Read about the data analytics project.