Analytical software

Software development services

Axsym provides software development services to meet future analytical requirements, retain legacy capabilities and enhance staff productivity. We can provide bespoke codes for design and analysis to enhance simulation capabilities through multi-physics simulation and advanced numerical models. We can modernise legacy codes into adaptable, easy-to-use packages for easy management of analysis cases or integration into multi-domain simulations. Axsym's modular programming architectures are tailored for ease of adding future enhancements within our robust quality assurance framework, ensuring strict programming standards and comprehensive user and developer documentation.

Industry leading software

Proven innovation in software architecture

Axsym's analytical software is written using modern programming methods to give powerful, highly-versatile codes that are designed with future upgrades in mind. Our data and software integration environment, Teclab, has been used to demonstrate enhanced productivity and analysis capability for transport network analysis and for local energy system design.

Developing Teclab has proven our innovative approach to creating adaptable software architectures for complex software environments. Our architecture technology gives end users control to configure new simulation models and develop future analytical methods.

Highly experienced developers

We have broad programming experience including writing advanced engineering analysis solvers, machine learning and statistical analysis algorithms, graphic user interfaces, data processing utilities and robotic kinematic control and data acquisition systems. We frequently use Fortran (legacy and object-oriented standards), Python, JavaScript, Matlab and Visual Basic.

Track record

Our customers

Axsym's software services can benefit a diverse range of organisations in science and engineering, with most of our customers currently in aerospace and energy.

Software projects

Our software development work has included integrating our rotary aeroelastic analysis software (AE360) with the analysis tools of a large aerospace client to give a new stall flutter capability, enabling the design of advanced aeroelastic structures using extensively validated in-house methods.

We have also developed a bespoke simulation environment incorporating several in-house analysis codes into a single software package. This provides the client with a comprehensive analysis capability that can be easily configured by users for a range of simulation objectives for the design and analysis of safety-critical aircraft components.